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  • All Purpose Cleaner
    Our most simple All Purpose Cleaner, nothing more, nothing less.
    Excl. VAT: £5.00 Incl. VAT: £6.00
  • Degreaser
    Our powerful pre-wash that is wax and sealant friendly for those detailers who don’t like snow foaming as much. It’s also great in engine bays and door shuts.
    Excl. VAT: £6.25 Incl. VAT: £7.50
  • Iron Reactor
    Our advanced gel formula that will target all iron based contamination causing a bleeding effect. Our formula is safe to use on all exterior surfaces of your pride and joy.
    Excl. VAT: £8.34 Incl. VAT: £10.01
  • Shampoo
    Our super slick formula that is PH Neutral and safe for all waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings.
    Excl. VAT: £7.50 Incl. VAT: £9.00
  • Snow Foam 1L
    Once diluted our snow foam is safe for all ceramic, wax and sealant based coatings. Dilution is key to a safe pre-wash, follow it correctly and you will minimise the risk of inflicting swirl marks.
    Excl. VAT: £9.58 Incl. VAT: £11.50
  • Wheel Cleaner
    Our acid free wheel cleaner suited to all wheel finishes. A gel based formula to increase that cling time whilst you suddenly remember to get your pressure washer out!
    Excl. VAT: £6.25 Incl. VAT: £7.50
  • Wheel Soap
    Our Wheel Soap allows you to have a strong shampoo that is dedicated just for your wheel bucket. It generates a huge amount of lather so you have that extra working time to detail your alloys.
    Excl. VAT: £6.88 Incl. VAT: £8.26