BMW Double Vanos Seals with Rattle Rings

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  • Restores vanos units to 100% health

  • Faster turn around for customers

  • Correctly specified seals to last a lifetime.

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Product Description

This double vanos seal kit includes a set of rattle rings to replace the bearings inside your vanos unit to stop any rattles from worn bearings.
Vehicles Affected



The vanos unit is designed to vary the the engine intake and exhaust valve timing to help improve engine performance.
Inside the vanos unit there are 2 pistons and in each piston there are four seals. The seals over time leak oil due to deterioration with the manufacturers seals, which in turn causes the vanos unit to perform poorly and effect engine performance.
The OEM o-rings are made from Buna, a material that is not suitable to withstand the higher temperatures found in engines. As the piston seals are removed the OEM o-rings can be found to be extremely hard and in some cases splitting.
It is not possible to purchase individual seals from BMW, instead they supply either brand new Vanos units or reconditioned vanos units. Both come with the same weaker buna o-rings, which will lead to repeated vanos seal failure.
Our kit can be fitted by any competent mechanic or DIY- er. There are no special tools required other than our waterpump pulley tool. Cam locking tool aren’t required.


The long term solution is to use our 'Vanos Seal Kit' to replace the OEM o-rings with our Viton o-rings. This, along with our custom designed PTFE rings ensure that your performance is restored to factory condition and will last the LIFETIME of the engine.

What Will I receive?

  • Complete Seal Kit
  • 9x Bolts
  • 9x Washers with RTV sealant
  • X2 Rattle Rings

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