Porsche IMS Bearing Removal Puller Tool

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    • Manufactured from high quality stainless steel components

    • Allows easy replacement of single row and double row bearings

    • Includes easy out tools for ceramic and non ceramic bearings

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Product Description

What is this tool used for?

This tool is used for the 996,986 Porsches to allow the weak IMS bearing to be removed and a new one to be pushed in.

What is included?

Bearing puller and adapter for extracting the existing bearing from the original centre stud/bearing support (shown above)

Bearing driver tool to allow easy installation of the new bearing (shown above)

Easy out adapter to allow extraction of bearing using the puller when and if the centrestud/bearing support is broken or breaks during extraction

Crankshaft Pully TDC Lock Pin to secure the engine at the proper position to do an IMS retrofit

Camshaft locks for both early 5-chain and later 3-chain (kit includes one ea.)

What materials are used and are they up to the job?

Due to the nature of this particular product and the very little room for error, our sister company has used a combination of hand crafting as well as machining to ensure that the I6 IMS Kit is manufactured to the highest possible quality.
By using this combination and using our experience in the manufacture of surgical instruments, we can keep a very tight tolerance as well as a reasonable price for the tool.

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