Mercedes Door Lock Repair Kit - W169 W245 W164

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  • Restores actuator performance

  • Great value for money

  • Installation tools included

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Product Description

What is a Mercedes door lock spring kit and why do the original ones fail?

The Mercedes models MERCEDES A B R CLASS W169 W245 W251 have a poorly designed spring in the door lock. Over time these begin to crack and get weak causing troubles with the door lock.

Issues range from the door lock bouncing up and down rapidly or even unwillingness to lock properly.

Here at I6 we have created a simple yet cost affective solution that will allow you to repair your own door lock actuator simply. our kit uses uprated door lock springs that will ensure the car doesn't face this issue ever again. We have listed the effected part numbers below.

2037200135 2037200435 2037300135 2037300235 2037200335 2037202035 2037300335 2037300435 2037201935 2037200235 2117300535 2117300635 2117200335 2117200435 2117300935 2117301035 2117200535 2117200635 2117300735 2117300835 2117200735 2117200835 2117301135 2117301235 2117200935 2117201035 2117201335 2117201435 2117201135 2117201235


Is it really that straightforward to install?

It really is! We provide the instructions and the tool that will make it alot easier for you to install. An extra small screwdriver will come in useful and it will take about 20 minutes to install.

The keyless Go door lock also uses the same spring mechanism and thus can also be repaired for this kit.

We recommend you purchase a set of 4 springs and overhaul all your door lock actuators. Chances are if one has failed, then the others aren't that far away from failing!

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