Mercedes Benz Intake Manifold Repair Bracket

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  • Aluminium components

  • Suited to all M272 and M273 Engines

  • Restores engine performance 100%

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Product Description

Vehicles Affected

All Mercedes Manifolds from the M272 and M273 engine. This covers the following models:

C, Clk, CL Class

E Class

ML Class

SLK Class

S Class

R Class


On the Mercedes M272 and M273 engines there are swirl flaps which are controlled by a plastic lever. These swirl flaps help create better torque low down and enhance fuel economy. However the material of this lever that controls the swirl flaps has been incorrectly specified. 

The original lever is a very poor quality plastic, combined with the hot engine environment it can lead to this lever snapping in half. Once the swirl flaps become inoperative it can lead to a wide range of symptoms including the EML light coming on with error codes: 




You will also notice various running issues from poor idle, loss or power and delayed acceleration. You can easily diagnose the fault yourself by removing the engine covers and inspecting the intake manifold from the front to see the condition of it. Most likely if you are suffering from these issues then the lever has snapped in half.

Our solutions is very simple. We have taken the poor quality plastic piece and re-engineered it out of solid billet aluminium with replacement arms. A very inexpensive and fast repair. 

It's important to keep in mind that Mercedes' solution to this fault is a complete replacement manifold which runs into the 4 figure mark. Why replace the complete manifold when you can simply replace the faulty component with our kit at a fraction of the price!

What Will I receive?
    • X1 Replacement bracket with arms

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