BMW Replacement Diesel Exhaust Manifold Kit

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  • Restores Engine Performance

  • Made from Cast ductile Iron

  • Easy to fit

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Product Description

The intake manifolds fitted to diesel BMW engines are manufactured from stainless steel and it's common for these to crack with repeated heat/cool cycles. When the original manifold cracks it will begin leaking, these leaks will cause exhaust gases to escape into the cabin and smell and hiss, causing MOT failure. Our new cast iron manifold is designed to last the lifetime of the engine and is manufactured from high quality cast iron to replace the poor original version and carry on your ownership back to normal!
Vehicles Affected

All BMW Models are effected with the M57 and M57N engine. Most commonly found in :

E46, E39, E60, E61, E38, E65, E83 and E53 models.


BMW uses poor quality stainless steel exhaust manifolds. These tend to start cracking on as early as 40,000 miles causing exhaust gasses to escape up into the engine bay. Most owners will find out once they fail their MOT due to an exhaust leak. Other symptoms can include hissing sounds or exhaust smells from the engine bay.

You will also notice poorer fuel economy and slower turbo response from your BMW.


Fit our higher quality cast Ductile Iron manifold. It is the perfect material for the environment. One solid piece without any welds or thin walls to prematurely fail. Our manifold faces are finished by machining them off to give the perfect fit into the block. We supply replacement gaskets, bolts, studs and nuts with all of our kits. 

What Will I receive?

  • X1 Manifold
  • X1 Bolt Kit
  • X1 Gasket Kit

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