BMW 2.2 2.5 DISA Valve Repair Kit

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  • Aluminium components

  • Longer lasting

  • Restores engine performance 100%

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Product Description

Vehicles Affected

BMW petrol engines 1998-2008
BMW part number 11617544806 or 11617502269
Disa valve number 7544806 or 7502269


Parts of the disa valve are made from inferior quality plastics. Over time, the bell crank lever wears out, leaving the unit in a state of disrepair. The disa unit will rattle when the engine is running on idle. This can be confirmed by unplugging the disa valve to check if the rattle goes away. A faulty disa valve will cause poor engine performance.
Fault codes associated with disa valve failure.
Engine management light on.


Rebuild the Disa valve unit with our reengineered kit. Common wear items are replaced with aircraft grade aluminium parts. This can be installed by anyone with a few basic tools. Basic mechanical skills are required.

What Will I receive?

  • 3pc Aluminium rebuild kit
  • Disa O-ring
  • Lithium grease

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